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About Us


The ORIGIN is formed on 3rd December 2017 by Swastik Shakti Biocare Private Limited started for the upliftment of farmer through providing them high quality of plants, seeds and fertilizers.

Origin is a mission, works in favour of customers (farmer), worker, company, surrounding people and all above Country and all of them gets respective benefits like planting tree gets benefits to customer (farmer), worker gets benefits by making tree planted, company gets benefited by purchasing and selling seeds and plants, surrounding people benefited by fresh oxygen and Country gets benefits by educate rain.

The guiding principles and values behind our business strategy are expressed in our company’s VISION “to discover, develop and deliver innovative products that help the farming community looking seriously for right products.” .

At Origin, we are pledged to deliver on our commitments: to our customers, to our worker, to our farming communities, to our shareholders and to our environment. Ultimately, our success will be measured by one thing: the difference we can make in the lives of farmers.


To be a global corporation that provides best agro solutions empowers farming community and adds prosperity to their live by creating awareness.


To achieve our objectives in an environment of fairness, honest and courtesy towerds our customers.

Employees, vendors and society at large. Guided by this inspiring credo we hope to reach milestone in endeavour for the quality of human life and environment.

Extend your helpline hand ORIGIN mission. The peaceful revolution to restore the nature given greenness of our natural world must begin today. We prevall and generations to come will rejoice with endeavour efforts in the field of agriculture.